Source code

We are currently in the process of opening up phyphox under the GNU General Public Licence. More documentation and the missing parts will be added soon. We aim to fully release the project under the GNU GPL with version 1.1.0, so the officially licenced code with all notices can for now be found in the branch “dev-next”.

Note: The names “phyphox” and “RWTH Aachen University” as well as the RWTH Aachen logo are registered trademarks.

The app and all of its parts are developed by students and researchers who do not necessarily have a software development background. Therefore, you will find many passages in our code that is not best practice. Any help in improving our code is welcome.

Android source, includes phyphox-experiments and phyphox-webinterface as subrepositories

Phyphox experiment definitions, which are provided with the app

phyphox-ios (not yet opened)
iOS source, includes phyphox-experiments and phyphox-webinterface as subrepositories

phyphox-translation (not yet opened)
This contains the translations from experiment definitions and app store entries. It is synchronized manually to the experiments repository through a python script. Its main purpose is to conveniently provide translatable resources to our translation system.

phyphox-webeditor (not yet opened)
The web-based editor to create and modify phyphox experiment-files in a GUI

This is the webinterface served by the webserver in the app when the “remote access” feature is activated