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Behind phyphox

Phyphox has been created at the 2nd Institute of Physics of the RWTH Aachen University.

  • Sebastian Staacks Development and Concept

  • Christoph Stampfer Concept

  • Heidrun Heinke Didactics

  • Frank Posthoff Design

  • Simon Hütz PhD Student

  • Dominik Dorsel PhD Student

  • Camilla Lummerzheim Programming

  • Jan Held Student Assistant

Looking for help from a local contact? Check out our ambassador program with people from all around the world sharing their experience with phyphox.


  • Jonas Gessner Programming

  • Simon Goertz Thesis

  • Benjamin Götze Thesis

  • Patrick Klein Thesis

  • Paul Surrey Programming

  • Lena Weckauf Thesis

  • Robin de Winter Student Assistant