Project Update #2

The second update has unfortunately taken a bit longer and is also more of a kick-off for the upcoming year 🎆:

  • We would like to send a newsletter once a quarter. Initially it is planned in English and German. In addition, there will be a special edition for the (fearless) first ones who sign up for it.
  • We have extended the possibilities to financially support us with donations. For this purpose there is the “phyphox project e.V.”, which exclusively and directly pursues non-profit purposes in the sense of the section “Steuerbegünstigte Zwecke” of the German tax code. The purpose of the association is the promotion of education, science and research with special regard to the app phyphox and its possible applications.
  • We have a page at Patreon and start “lite”. With the first patrons we will think about benefits and “phyphox orange” for 8€…

Project Update #1

We welcome three new phyphox team members: today Mosab Abumezied and Gaurav Tripathee started, Niklas Westermann has been (again) with us already for two weeks.

Mosab will work together with Dominik and Sebastian in the joint project Physik.SMART. This project is funded by the Foundation for Innovation in University Teaching. In cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Aachen, a comprehensive set of smartphone-based experiments for a typical series of courses on experimental physics will be compiled and evaluated. For this purpose, a concept will be developed on how they can be integrated into the courses and tested along the way. The results will be made available as open source, hardware and educational resources.

From left to right: Sebastian, Marina, Mosab and the professors Effertz, Stampfer, Heinke

Gaurav will support Sebastian in integrating the camera into phyphox. In the end, photometric and spectroscopic evaluations, the reading of measuring instruments and the analysis of movements should be possible. This project is funded by the Joachim Herz Foundation.

Niklas helps in the development of smartphone-based experiments and in the creation of a comprehensive database for existing and future ideas as well as their applications in practice.