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icon for experiments - BrunoD - 03-15-2023

I'm working with an Arduino 33BLE Sense at school, and I'm getting all the datas on Phyphox (bluetooh+qrcode) . OK, that works fine.
However, I'd like to use the same icon as Phyphox for the 9 axis inertial sensor for the accelerometer, etc.
In the .phyphox file, I have this :

How can I get the real icon ? Is there a list of all available icons ?

The sensors are 9 axis inertial sensor (acc+mag+gyr), humidity and temperature sensor, barometric sensor, etc.
For most sensors, there is already the good icon in Phyphox.


*** French ***

Je travaille avec un Arduino 33BLE Sense au lycée et je récupère les données sur Phyphox (bluetooh+qrcode à flasher), ça fonctionne.
J'aimerais pouvoir utiliser les mêmes icones que Phyphox pour les capteurs de la carte.
Dans les fichiers .phyphox j'ai ça :

Comment avoir la vraie icone ? Existe-t-il une liste des icones disponibles ?
Pour la plupart des capteurs, la bonne icone existe déjà dans Phyphox.

RE: icon for experiments - fbouquet - 03-16-2023


You can open the originalphyphox experiment, and copy paste the <icon format="base64"> .... </icon> there, and paste it in place of the <icon>Acc</icon> line in your BLE experiment file. The original experiment files can be donlowed easily from the web editor ( click on "load experiment, then choose the source file of the experiment. Do not load it in the web editor, it tends to add some graphic related info in the file as fas as I gathered -- there may be an easiest way of getting the origninal files ?)

I attached below the icon in a text format from the acceleration without g phyphox experiment. Just copy it and replace the <icon>Acc</icon> line in your BLE experiment.

To make your own icon, you need a square png file with a trasparent background, and convert it to base64 format (with a tool such as It will generate the things you need to copy paste between the <icon format="base64"> .... </icon>.

If you are using the experiments we made to interact with the Arduino 33 BLE, the most recent update has some decent icons now, and a more phyphox-ike look.




(French available on request, but let us try to keep on in English)

RE: icon for experiments - Jens Noriʇzsɔɥ - 03-16-2023

Thank you, Fred, for the quick answer.

There is a repository of all .phyphox files at and there is a brief explanation of the icon element at (entire documentation of the XML format is on the same page).

RE: icon for experiments - BrunoD - 04-12-2023

Thanks a lot for these answers !!!
I'll see how to use it.

RE: icon for experiments - BrunoD - 04-13-2023

I just wanted to thank you again ; I'm including as much as possible phyphox icons to the .phyphox files for the nano 33 BLE sense card - experiments I've found on, thanks again Fred Bouquet !!!
For the temperature and humidity experiments, I'll try to draw something (c'est pas gagné ! ^^).
For the analog input, I'll use one form an acoustic experiment to make something nice (I'll try to !).

OK, here's my first attempt, for "analog input" (the sine wave, half of it digital, with the binary code for "ok") and "temperature and humidity".
I plan to use both for the nano 33 ble sense.