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Library update: phyphox BLE 1.2.0 - Jens Noriʇzsɔɥ - 09-16-2023

The Arduino library “phyphox BLE” provides an interface for Arduino IDE projects to the phyphox app on smartphones and tablets. The (yuge) new release 1.2.0 adds
  • Support for Arduino Uno R4 Wifi
  • Multiple plots per graph view
  • Read phone sensors to use their data on Arduino / micro controller
  • Receive more than one variable from phone (mostly useful for customized experiment configurations)
  • Optimized memory usage (massively increases the number of possible graphs)
  • More customization options per plot within a graph (lines/dots, color, layout, etc.)
  • Event characteristic (get status of experiment, time synchronization, real-world time from the phone)
  • Print generated phyphox file to serial