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Speed of Audio-Scope on old phones
I want to use Phyphox in my class. Because not everyone has a smartphone and it might make sense to use phones without WhatsApp an so on, I want to use my old ones:
Namely a CAT B15Q (android 4.4.2) and mobistel Cynus T1 (android 4.1.1) and others which I will collect from my friends.

The students should investigate sounds and find out, that higher frequencies have a higher number of oscillations per time. Therefore I use the audi-scope.

On my new phone it works perfectly. On the old phones there is a time shift of 6-7 seconds. That means:
1. switching on scope shows noise
2. I switch on the sound ( I whistle)
3. I see noise.
4. 6-7 seconds later the oscillations of my whispering appear.
5. stop whisteling
6. several seconds later (maybe again 6-7 seconds) the oscillations disappear.

Question: What are possible ways to speed up the reaction? I already changed the time windows from 10 to 5 ms, but that did not change the beahaviour noticeable. Using smaller or higher time windows would make it to complicated to count the oscillations.

best regards

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Speed of Audio-Scope on old phones - by florian.roemer - 02-16-2021, 12:23 PM

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