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Arduino APDS9960 Proximity sensor
(04-17-2023, 03:26 PM)Jens Noritzsch Wrote: Hi Bruno,
I could easily move threads if necessary. So –technically– no need to delete and recreate… Smile

Hi, sorry I didn't pay attention.

(04-17-2023, 03:26 PM)Jens Noritzsch Wrote: I am not sure if we have been aware that there is a proximity sensor on this board. Sounds interesting: “The gestures readings are based on the detection of the movement of the hand over four photodiodes inside the sensor, while proximity is read by the amount of infrared light reflected by something (anything that reflects IR) back to the sensor. Color is given as a 16-bit value for R, G, B and white components; if the light that hits the sensor is the ambient one and not a reflection on some object, it is possible to calculate the color temperature, otherwise it is possible to detect the color of the object that is reflecting light onto the sensor.”

What I understand is that it may work as a color detector, maybe using the onboard LEDs to get it.
However, when using the color graph, I noticed that the red component is always higher than the other ones. Maybe something to calibrate 1st ?

(04-17-2023, 05:22 PM)fbouquet Wrote: Hello,

I did not realized that the proximity sensor was the same hardware than the light sensor... I wonder if a calibration could give some result in cm instead of just a number between 0 and 255?

I haven't tested the proximity feature (sorry BrunoD), but I have tested the light sensor. It works straightforwardly and gives the light intensity as well as the three channel components values (R, G, B). I expect Solid's  SensorTag setup to work equally well with an arduino nano. I did test the light sensor by measuring the quantity of light going through sheets of plastic, and could model the results with the BeerLambert law (




I was wondering if it had to be a different phyphox file, or everything on the same. At first, I made a different experiment file.
I'll try to find out for the conversion form 0-255 to cm, but it doesn't seem to be linear ; for example, you get a proximity = 0 whereas you're not at 0 cm.
What's best ? A formula in the phyphox file, or let the arduino make the conversion (with maps) and add a new data in the BLE connexion between the card and phyphox ?

For the light sensor, there must be a way to calibrate it. It can be done for others experiments (sound level meter), so why not ?

And by the way, I added icons for the experiments you've made, thanks again : for the experiments, and the answers from both of you !  Wink .
I will also remove the "z datas" (like "zPrecision=..." or "scaleMinZ=..."), I know it's a detail...


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