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Double acoustic stopwatch and speed of sound
Hello Mikhail,

To be honest, I don't really understand the "PhyphoxBLE::configHandler=&receivedData;" part but it has always worked fine for me so I keep using it.
My version of this experiment was not finished and I believe I am not going to finish it since yours is doing a good job! I did not read your code in details but I think mine worked in a quite similar way.
I tried your program and it worked well, however I have a few remarks:
- the Arduino threshold is originally set to 4444, but I had to lower it to around 100 to make sure my claps were detected. Did it work for you with such a high threshold?
- in my opinion, resetting the experiment with 2 other claps and after 30 seconds is not very practical, especially when the experiment did not work. For instance, the phone heard the claps but the board missed one and you now have to wait 30 seconds until you can reset it. In addition, I did not manage to reset the experiment with the "bin" button of Phyphox, so I had to leave the experiment and open it again every time.
- I am probably going to try to modify your program at the end of the week, so it does not need to be connected to a computer to work. I believe this would be better in a classroom where it is not always practical to have computers everywhere.
- to avoid having to connect your phone to the board twice at the beginning of the experiment, you can follow these instructions:

Anyway, congratulations for your work! I am going to check your other topic about controlling with colors.

Best regards,

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