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Wishes for the editor
The editor is great, it reminds vaguely of LabVIEW (which I am a bit familiar with). However, there is one (slight) bug: sometimes the horizontal lines of the buffers are not shown, although there are connections to it. These seem to originate in empty space. This obviously only is a graphics issue, the XML is fine and the experiments work.

In the editor my greatest wishes are:
  • support of "copy & paste". I know, this might turn out quite tricky. But to join two non-overlapping experiments (say "velocity from GPS" and "altitude from pressure" would be great. I know they might be joined in the XML files, but there I'd have to take care to copy the various bits & pieces to their correct portions of the file.
  • resorting the operators. Once they are connected, they cannot be re-arranged. Sometimes my experiments look quite messy, but tidying up just means re-creating from scratch.
  • This brings me to the third wish: "intelligent" disconnection of buffers. Currently, you need to disconnect a buffer at first before removing its source. Otherwise the buffer will remain in the xml (btw: why are they called "containers" there?), and re-creating this buffer with its old name will append "(1)", although the original cannot be found in the diagram. It would be nice to have sourceless buffers deleted automatically.
  • Buffers and their properties "clear" and "size" for me are the best candidates for causing errors (i.e. empty charts or even crashes). And I believe these problems might scare off unexperienced users. If there was some other way of dealing with the underlying properties, this would make things a lot easier for novices. 
  • When connecting an input to some buffer, some properties of the candidates are shown when hovering with the mouse over them. Unfortunately, the buffer size is the most dominant property, instead of the name. I'd think the latter to be a lot more helpful.
  • Is there a way to place comments in the diagram? The help texts are really helpful, but sometimes (especially in the standard experiments) I'd love to get info why something is done the way it is. E.g. that strange loop-like buffer "d" in the GPS-experiment or the use of "match" in the elevator.
Don't get me wrong. The editor is fabulous, just as is phyphox anyway. And christmas being just past past, my wish-list might not be fulfilled. But maybe, some time...

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