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Problem with bluetooth module
I believe that is my problem with the editor, but would be nice if someone can help me. 
I build an experiment with Arduino and Bluetooth (HC-05) and want to send data to phyphox. I create a simple phyphox experiment to receive the single data and plot them. 
When I try to open the phyphox experiment I got this error:
Line 11: Tag needs a char atribute. 

The line is in bold.
        <bluetooth address="20:16:12:05:67:78" devicename="HC-05" protocol="simple" separator=";" out1="D" out2="" out3="" out4="" out5="" rate="0" average="false">
            <output component="out">D</output>
Any help? The problem is that I'm not using a BLE device?
This is the current editor, isn't it? This one does not support the new bluetooth functions. The Bluetooth entry you see there refers to an older experimental implementation, which will only work with phyphox versions before 1.1.0. So, this should work with the non-beta version, but it will stop working as soon as we roll out 1.1.0.

So, you get the error because you are mixing the old editor with the new phyphox version and you won't be able to use non-BLE devices with phyphox with the new version. Until then, you can try this with older versions, but this has never been more than a test because classic Bluetooth does not properly work on iPhones as they require devices to get a certificate "Made for iPhone". (The old documentation can be found here:

The new editor will be there soon. (Sorry, I know I say this a lot.)
How hard is to let the new version of Android work with old Bluetooth protocol? In public school in Brazil is rare to see some student with iOS devices.
Well, I try the old public version and works great now. To poor country and schools, I believe that the old Bluetooth protocol and Android are great because of the cost. I understand that the idea of phyphox is to use mainly the smartphone to collect data, but sometimes the smartphone doesn't have the sensors for the experiment like current, voltage and temperature.

As an example of an experiment, I want to plot an angular velocity of a motor against the current or tension applied.
Please think about keeping the old Bluetooth protocol at least for Android.
BLE modules are not really more expensive than classic ones and you can do all that with BLE. If you need a cheap Microcontroller with BLE, you should check out the ESP32 and this example:
When HC-05 board is connected directly to Arduino RX (0) and TX (1) pins it replaces the ordinary serial communication. Then using a Bluetooth Terminal app Arduino can be controlled by smartphone. It would be nice that such a control could be done by phyphox ...

The terminal unfortunately would not work on iPhones/iPads so it is rather unlikely for the time being that such a feature becomes priority – moreover with an ever growing wishlist… :/

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