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version 1.1.6-beta1

Testing the new beta version, with a new way to generate sound, on Android 8.1.0 (moto 5G), and reporting a small bug on the tone generator.

Using the new "tone generator" experiment, which now comes with the possibility of generating either one or two frequencies. The "multi" generator works fine (as expected), but the view with a single frequency does not allow you to change the frequency : when I do so, it reverts back to its previous frequency when I hit enter. If I want to generate a single frequency, I have to go to the "multi" view, and put the amplitude of the second one to zero.

If this is a feature, I would suggest to drop out the single frequency view...


On current iOS (13.5.1) the interplay of single and multi appears borked:
  • default single is fine,
  • default multi (half amplitude single) is fine,
  • default multi with amplitude 2 set to 0.5 is fine,
  • switching back to single and hit play: still previous multi,
  • reconfirming 440 Hz: still previous multi,
  • entering 450 Hz: looks fine (beat tone gone),
  • entering anything else: beat tone back.
It looks like the second tone is kept once set up.

Fred's suggestions sounds worth considering. I would like to add: rather than entering amplitudes could we get one slider for amplitude 1 und 2 levels – like a crossfader. That way the amplitude could never ever exceed 1.
Combining the simple tone generator and the dual tone generator this way is a compromise of working with the interface phyphox currently offers and keeping the old "simple" tone generator to not interfere too much with existing worksheets and lessons of teachers. At the moment, the simple version simply controls one of the two tone generators of the dual tone generator, with the second one being of by default.

It works exactly as I expected it to work, but I see that this only makes sense to someone who knows exactly how this is designed. I will add an indicator to the simple tone generator if the second tone generator is still active and automatically mute the second one if a new frequency is entered on the simple tab.
That, or you create a new experiment "two tone generator"...

Note that the behavior on my smartphone is not what you describe: when I fresh open the experiment, I arrive in the single tone experiment view, but I can not change the value of the frequency even if I do not go to the "multi" view (which is different from what Jens reported on IOS). So to a user it is confusing, because you keep trying to change the value, but it keeps reverting to 440Hz.

But it is great to have this new sound generation system!



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