Experiment: Audio Scope

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Audio Scope
Experiment Audio Scope
Category Acoustics
Used sensors Microphone

The experiment "Audio Scope" displays a recorded soundwave from the microphone. You can choose the period displayed by this virtual oscilloscope.


There are no hardware requirements. The microphone is used to measure any sound. However, depending on your requirements you may attach an external microphone to your device.


There is no specific setup. Depending on what audio source you want to measure, you might want to aim the microphone at the sound source and try to damp the sound from the environment.


phyphox continuously records periods over the time set by the user plus a little headroom. In this data it looks for a time at which the audio signal crosses from negative to positive values and displays the data from this crossing. This behavior acts like a trigger on a classical oscilloscope and helps to show a "stable" picture, so maxima of signals at the same frequency are always shown in the same place.