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possibility for uploading experiments
(11-14-2020, 07:45 PM)solid Wrote: Sending phyphox-file to myself by e-mail works well for my Android (send from PC where the file is edited, received by the smartphone with phyphox).

On iDevices, there is one intermediate step: the file needs to be shared to the app phyphox. Tapping just gives the source code.

(11-14-2020, 07:45 PM)solid Wrote: With Brest wishes 

Thank you Solid, sending the file via email indeed works. Best solution for first tests I think.

But an easy way for distributing a file through a QRcode would still be helpul...


With new phyphox version 1.1.7-beta3 sending files via e-mail does not work anymore... Dodgy

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This appears to be Android specific. I cannot reproduce it on iOS14: neither by save state/share in experiments, nor by share in the menu…
Is this the same as the mail problem you reported in

Over there I thought it was about opening the experiment? Your screenshot looks like gmail or is it something else? For me sharing works as well. I will have to check if I received a crash report with more details...
I am very much sorry. Sending phyphox program via e-mail does work normally and I do not know what I did wrong before the lunch.
I am sending the file as an attachment  from my personal computer using the university e-mail to my  gmail read by my smartphone (Android) with phyphox installed. Then it is sufficient to click to the attachment and the new application can be saved to my phyphox collection.

I have verified the file version sent earlier creates this problem of phyphox crash while attempting to be added to the collection. So, I attach this file here. In the new version I only removed all parts mentioning the phyphox editor  ...

It is the same file that we discussed for 'gausssmooth'.

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.phyphox   Barometric FastFineSmooth(2colors).phyphox (Size: 5.54 KB / Downloads: 450)
Ah, ok. The problem is that you removed the xmlns:editor-definition from the root element:

<phyphox xmlns:editor="">

This is a XML thing. It defines editor:* as a prefix, so the XML parser of phyphox know that it can ignore these. If it is not defined, phyphox does not know that this is a prefix and tries to interpret the attributes itself. Of course it should report the problem instead of crashing, but if you have editor:...-attributes, you need to define this.

Edit: It will no longer crash in the next version. However, the XML parser handles this problem a bit "unconventionally" (at least in my opinion) by generating an entirely different type of exception, which is why it caused a crash instead of being displayed in the first place. The resulting error message will be a bit cryptic, but since this is a rather unusual error, we can probably live with that.

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