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Detect when BLE connection is made (Arduino library)
(01-26-2023, 01:42 PM)Dominik Dorsel Wrote: Hey,

unfortunately we dont have an finished update on this. But the next update is almost finished and contains the following:

  1. An "Event characteristic" is added to the BLE server. If phyphox sees an event characteristic on the connected device, it will write the current real time (unix time), the current experiment time and the status of the experiment ( started, paused, synced).
  2. New layout options will be available such as multiple data sets in one graph with lines or dots (or mixed) or different colors
  3. Multiple float values can be received
  4. Smatphone sensordata can be readout and send to the microcontroller
  5. The generated xml file can be printed to the serial monitor
  6. The memory consumption significantly reduced

So especially the first feature should solve your issues :-). Unfortunately we found a bug in the (android) version of phyphox regarding the event characteristic, which we have to fix before we publish the new version of the library . If you are using an iOS device, feel free to test my current branch of the library (disclaimer: Im not sure if messed up some parts in my dev branch, so you might encounter some problems)


Hi Dominik, 

Thank you for your response. 
I checked out your current branch for the library and I'm happy to see the updates! Especially the first one, since it outright solves the problem and the 5th one as it would be helpful to print the generated xml to debug occasional xml parse errors.  
I am not currently using an iOS device and have requested my colleague to get me one so that we can test it out. Our use-case predominantly focuses on Android devices at the moment, hence, will wait for your Android bug fix to test it on an Android device. 

Another question that popped in my mind, is it possible to create a custom experiment(using the editor tool/xml code) that includes a button to trigger the in-app graphical display while simultaneously sending the button state to the Arduino BLE device?   

Really appreciate the awesome work you guys have done(and are doing) with Phyphox!

Best Regards,

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