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phase space for simple pendulum

I created my first experiment with the editor.

It shows the angle, the x/y position and the phase space for a simple pendulum.
It uses the X axys of the gyro. We can see how the oscillations are damped.

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.phyphox   Damped simple pendulum.phyphox (Size: 8.92 KB / Downloads: 526)
Here is an example of the results.

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Bonjour Julien.
Unfortunately I do not have a gyroscope in my smartphone and I cannot load your program in the phyphox editor. I had to study it using a text editor and recall my German which I have not used nearly 30 years (could you write comments in English a well?). If I understood well you measure only x gyroscope value and CALCULATE the angle of pendulum deviation. If so, your phase diagram has no much sense..
I have found how to MEASURE the deviation angle and I would like to write a small article about this. Unfortunately without gyroscope it is not so nice and a collaboration is welcome. If you are interested write me a private message.
You are right about the fact that calculating the angle instead of measuring it is a problem. This programme is just a kind of training to learn how to use the editor. It doesn't work too bad though !

I will pm you. In french !
Julien, your program is perfect, but I prefer to use PhyPhox for measuring and to treat saved data using Python.

I attach measured angle..
.pdf   Angle_centre_long90timeS.pdf (Size: 29.08 KB / Downloads: 515)
(04-11-2020, 06:01 PM)solid Wrote: Julien, your program is perfect, but I prefer to use PhyPhox for measuring and to treat saved data using Python.

I attach measured angle..

@solid - that graph of angle vs time - has that been created off-line via Python using the data exported from a phone?  Or have you created an experiment that plots that graph on the phone itself?  If so - would you mind sharing the experiment?
There is a phyphox program which measures angles in the collection, but it works only if your smartphone supports it. There is no problem to write an application for any smartphone. But it is just a calculation from the acceleration components.
I have a question regarding that experiment. The calculations of offset angle_y, center angle_y, and offset_y - what are these for?  What is that 'offset' supposed to represent in the pendulum?

nice experiment!

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