Magnetic Spectrum

Calculates and displays the FFT of magnetometer data. The strongest frequency is given as well.

Magnetic field

The experiment “Magnetic field” just gives the raw data from the phone’s magnetometer. On most phones you can switch between calibrated and uncalibrated data in the menu.

Free fall (magnetic detection)

Drop the smartphone along an array of magnets and analyze the recorded magnetic field to extract the linear acceleration. (Note, that there is a simple an alternative version using acoustic detection.)

Magnetic ruler

Set up a bunch of magnets as marker, so you can use this experiment to measure the speed and distance while moving along these magnets.


Ball, Kugel o.ä. 1,5 V Batterie Bindfaden, Packschnur o.ä. zwei Gefrierbeutel, davon ein Verschließbarer Haargummi o.ä. (für Federpendel) alter Kugelschreiber langes Lineal magnetisierter Nagel, Stift o.ä. (für phyphox-Einführung) Pizzakarton o.ä. (Smartphone tragende Pappe, nicht zu stabil) Salatschleuder Stapelchipsdose o.ä. (für Rolle: Smartphone sollte hineinpassen) Toilettenpapierrollen (mindestens drei, mit Papier) USB-Kabel

Online-Fortbildung: phyphox in der Lehre 2020

Smartphone-Experimente in Schule und Hochschule Zeit: Freitag, 25. September 2020, von 9 bis 16 Uhr Aktuelle Liste des Experimentiermaterials und Informationen zu den Arduino-Workshops Neben faszinierenden und ungewöhnlichen Demonstrationsversuchen eröffnen Smartphone-basierte Experimente in der Lehre vor allem die einzigartige Möglichkeit, Schüler:innen und Studierenden eigenständige Experimentiererfahrungen zu bieten, die im Schulalltag oder für hunderte Studierende anders nicht umsetzbar … Continue reading “Online-Fortbildung: phyphox in der Lehre 2020”

Sun trace

Results This experiment has been conducted on the 22nd December 2019 (winter solstice). Here we present the results. The original description can be found further down. Without further ado, here is the result of the experiment: Black points represent the location of a user who has submitted a measurement. Red crosses represent the calculated location … Continue reading “Sun trace”

Version 1.1.2: Phyphox je od sada dostupan i na srpskom jeziku

We have just released another update with some bugfixes, some improvements (bright mode for remote access) and a Serbian translation thanks to Marina Dorocki. You can find more details in the changelog below. Changelog Changes on Android and iOS Serbian translation Remote access stores settings (font size, layout) until the end of the browser session … Continue reading “Version 1.1.2: Phyphox je od sada dostupan i na srpskom jeziku”