20 Years LEIFIphysik

The learning portal LEIFIphysik is turning 20 years, and this calls for a celebration. With the theme “Physics moves – from atoms to zebras” students, groups and teachers are sent on a photographic expedition.

We would like to be part of the journey from May 5 to 12 with the hashtag #phyphoxwasdreht. The world –and much else– is revolving and your smartphone is moving along. In phyphox, open the experiment “Centripetal acceleration” in the category “Mechanics” and let’s roll.

Take a photo of your experimental setup and add the measurement data. There are no limits to you and your image editing skills. You could find inspiration and, if necessary, instructions in this YouTube video.

Share your result with us on Instagram (@phyphoxorg) or Twitter (@rwth_phyphox). With this activity, we are ushering in the final round of the “donation race” and here you could find ways to contribute to our project. 🙏🏻