Version 1.0.3 with new experiments

In this new update two new experiments have been added: Centrifugal acceleration and inclination. While the latter is just a tool to measure the inclination of a plane, centrifugal acceleration is a lot of fun while being amazingly simple. Just rotate your phone at a fixed radius r at different angular velocities ω to visualize the relation of the centrifugal acceleration a.


In other words: Just put your phone into a salad spinner or on a carrousel to show a = r·ω². (The picture shows an earlier version of the experiment using a salad spinner)

Besides that, 1.0.3 introduces some new analysis modules (the wiki will be updated in the next few hours) and addresses many bugs, especially two common crashes on iOS. Here is the full changelog:


  • New experiments: Centrifugal force and inclination
  • Simple view for raw sensors, just giving numbers
  • Improved descriptions and labels for several experiments
  • Better time axis calculation in elevator experiment
  • Updated experiment file format to 1.2: New modules for statistics and trigonometry. Also more control over value and graph view elements.

Fixes on iOS

  • Disappearing view elements after rotation or scrolling
  • Crash when starting web interface on iOS8
  • Crash when entering zeros in Doppler effect
  • Crash in autocorrelation module (experiments “Spring”, “Pendulum” and “Autocorrelation”)
  • Missing data points in remote interface (mostly elevator and roll)
  • Could not open external experiments on iOS8
  • Strip white-spaces from description

Fixes on Android

  • Fix wrong play-button animation after screen being turned off
  • Do not show the save-locally-dialog again after rotation
  • Show “-” instead of “NaN” when no data is available
  • Improved reliability of remote interface when doing partial data updates
  • Fix possible crash when switching apps while graph is visible
  • Fix crash when closing experiment without dismissing the info-tooltip