Website downtime

After a cooling outage in our IT center, our website was unavailable from Sunday noon until Tuesday morning (CET). As you can see, it is working again. There might be a few more short hiccups as many servers at our uni were affected and the IT center is still fixing some systems, but in principle we should be back. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We now have a discussion forum

We just activated our new forum where you can discuss, give feedback and look for assistance. This will also be the central place to collect feedback and bug reports for the upcoming beta test of our new version.

Also, we hope that this will encourage more users to share their experience, worksheets and own experiments on this platform. We still would like those contributions to end up in the wiki eventually, but this turned out to be a hurdle for those who would just like to share an idea without polishing it into a wiki page.

So, visit our forums, set up an account and help us create a community.

New events in Kiel, Saarbrücken and Bayreuth (all in Germany)

As the summer break comes to an end (depending on where you live, of course), the workshop and talk season starts. So, our calendar has been updated with three upcoming events in Germany: The GDCP conference in Kiel, two consecutive teacher trainings in Saarbrücken and a talk at a teacher training at the Uni Bayreuth. More events will be added as organizers publish their schedules.

Version 1.0.13: Italian and Greek translation

With version 1.0.13 we have another minor translation update introducing Italian and Greek, created by Giovanni Organtini and Κωστής Χαλκιαδάκης (Costis Chalkiadakis). If you would like to help to translate phyphox into your language as well, check out our languages page for more information.

Actually, this update has been released on Android more than a week ago and should just be a quick language update on iOS as well. Unfortunately, Apple has rejected the update as they decided that the experiment "roll" might damage the phone. So we had to remove this experiment and resubmit the app. Therefore, the update got delayed.


Changes on Android and iOS

  • Italian translation.
  • Greek translation.

Changes on iOS

  • Experiment "Roll" deactivated by Apple’s request.

Version 1.0.12: Dutch and Russian translation

Version 1.0.12 again brings new translations, Dutch and Russian, done by Ivo Janssens (with support from Evelien Urkens and Andreas Van den Bergh) and Alexander Nedilko, respectively. If you would like to help to translate phyphox into your language as well, check out our languages page for more information.

Also note, that we will happily share worksheets in any language. Since we can only provide the website in English and German, only those worksheets will be found directly in the experiment data base (like a fantastic new worksheet on pressure by Holger Jessen-Thiesen), but we will share any material in other languages on our languages page (like the first Dutch worksheet by Dirk Janssen). For more material we can also add a dedicated page for a specific language or add a link to an external collection.


Changes on Android and iOS

  • Dutch translation.
  • Russian translation.
  • Inelastic collision experiment hides invalid intervals.
  • Translations are now also applied to units.

Changes on Android

  • Fix lines connecting to first point when loading a previously saved state.

Changes on iOS

  • Fix crash when value element has empty map tag.