Version 1.1.1 with bugfixes

We heave just released version 1.1.1 with some important bugfixes. Please, if you still find any errors in phyphox, let us know via email (, via our forums or via the tracker on github.


Changes on Android

  • Offer additional apps when exporting (using a view-intent in addition to the share-intent)
  • Fix crash in data picker

Changes on iOS

  • Fix: Elevator experiment not working due to an error in the new formula parser
  • Fix: Crash of color plot (mostly when starting the sonar experiment)
  • Fix: Color map not showing if any z value is infinite (encountered in magnetic spectrum)
  • Fix: Crash when picking data points in graph with history (i.e. in the sonar experiment)
  • Fix: Crash in reduce module for fewer y than x data points
  • Fixes for iOS 13: Crash when opening experiments and design of tab bar