Version 1.1.2: Phyphox je od sada dostupan i na srpskom jeziku

We have just released another update with some bugfixes, some improvements (bright mode for remote access) and a Serbian translation thanks to Marina Dorocki. You can find more details in the changelog below.


Changes on Android and iOS

  • Serbian translation
  • Remote access stores settings (font size, layout) until the end of the browser session
  • Remote access now has a bright mode (should help on low-contrast projectors)
  • Fix error in distance calculation of location/GPS experiment. (Introduced in 1.1.0, please check any distance data generated in 1.1.0 or 1.1.1)
  • Add 1/min to acceleration spectrum and magnetic spectrum to directly get RPM from engines

Changes on Android

  • Save scroll position of experiment list after entering an experiment or adding/removing items

Changes on iOS

  • Add gap between value and unit in value view elements to avoid confusing units
  • Show optional dialogs and hints (save experiment locally, press arrow to start, etc.) after showing the Bluetooth scan dialog instead of not showing them at all
  • Fix separators in experiment layouts