The experiment “Light” just gives the raw data from the phone’s ambient light sensor.

Depth Sensor

A LiDAR (Light-Detection And Ranging) scanner is included in Apple’s Pro handhelds since a first announcement in March 2020. The LiDAR Scanner included in the back camera system measures distances to objects inside its reach and up to 5 meters away. A tweet of @iPhonedo shows it in action. The current phyphox release 1.1.10 supports … Continue reading “Depth Sensor”

Version 1.1.6: White Noise and Dual Tone Generator

Version 1.1.6 is rolling out with a white noise and dual tone generator plus many cute little improvements. Changelog Changes on Android and iOS Audio spectrum now allows generating white noise. Tone generator supports dual tone generation. When leaving an experiment that ran for more than 10 seconds, phyphox shows a confirmation dialog. Improved stability … Continue reading “Version 1.1.6: White Noise and Dual Tone Generator”

phyphox bây giờ đã có phiên bản Tiếng Việt

There is one more addition introduced with phyphox 1.1.0, which we would like to highlight separately as we were afraid that it might be overlooked among all the new features: The Vietnamese translation created by Nguyen Truong Vu from Phoenix Education in Hue. Thanks a lot for helping us to offer our app to users … Continue reading “phyphox bây giờ đã có phiên bản Tiếng Việt”

Version 1.0.16: Japanese translation

Thanks to Wakana Okita and Keisuke Takashima phyphox now speaks Japanese. More information about our voluntary translators can be found on our languages page. Changelog Changes on Android and iOS Japanese translation. Changes on Android Fix: The experiment “light” was not available if the list of preferred languages in Android did not support any language … Continue reading “Version 1.0.16: Japanese translation”

Version 1.0.9 (minor bugfixes)

Version 1.0.9 was just published to address a range of minor problems (we are still working on the big update with Bluetooth and interactive Graphs). This most important fixes of this update address crashes related to the remote access on iOS. Thanks to everybody who reported these bugs. Changelog Changes on Android and iOS Location … Continue reading “Version 1.0.9 (minor bugfixes)”

Workshop in Aachen and update on upcoming events

Since this is the English version of this article, I should probably start with an update on international events. After really enjoying the AAPT Summer Meeting in Cincinnati (that’s where the image above comes from), I intend to attend the AAPT Winter Meeting as well, which will be in San Diego, 6-9 January. I still … Continue reading “Workshop in Aachen and update on upcoming events”