Version 1.0.10 (hotfix for iOS)

If you are using an iOS device (specifically an iPhone older than the iPhone 6s or most iPads) and tried our latest update, you will quite certainly have encountered the error “rate mismatch”. Sorry about that, we have just released version 1.0.10, which fixes this. (Since this only fixes the iOS issue, there will be no 1.0.10 on Android.)

If you are working with your own phyphox experiments, the following details might be relevant to you:

The problem here is, that there is no guaranteed way to force a certain audio sample rate. You can set a preference, but the system might chose to ignore this (for example when using AirPlay, which forces 44,1 kHz). Since many experiments require the exact data rate for their calculations, we inserted a check, which tests if we actually got the correct rate. Turns out that this resulted in the error on all older devices which natively run at 44,1 kHz because a) we checked to early and the desired rate might still be set correctly and b) there are several more scenarios which prevent switching to a specific rate. Therefore we now allow that the system sets a different rate and modified our file format, so that the experiments can get the actual sample rate and use it for their calculations.

This means, that at the moment the file format in iOS supports this new output while the Android version does not. We will fix this with the next update soon, but if you rely on the exact sample rate for your own experiment, please let me know, so I can help to get this right now.